It’s an age-old tale; the old, leaky and cold glass conservatory that is used once in a blue moon, which once seemed like an excellent investment of your money yet now seems like a bit of a waste, especially when you look at your heating bills.

Most conservatories are not energy efficient. Unfortunately, in the summer, they are way too hot in and so you open all the windows in the hope of keeping the area cool, whereas in the winter constant heating is required to make the space even habitable.

Then, you find yourself left with a choice. Admit defeat, and simply just turn your back on your conservatory, or make use of the investment you made and face the fact that your heating bills will be hundreds of pounds over the odds.

However, with a Guardian Warm Roof from BJC Joinery Ltd, you could find yourself a middle ground where you can use your conservatory all year round. Make sure to read below for our guide to making your conservatory more energy efficient. Similarly, why not chat with our team of experts, today? Give them a call on 01224 713 718 or email at info@bjcjoinery.co.uk.


What Stops a Conservatory From Being Energy-Efficient?

Unfortunately, as conservatories typically have either glass or polycarbonate roofs, they will never be energy efficient, and therefore they will never be spaces that can be enjoyed all year round.

This is simply because the roofing materials are unfit for purpose. They will amplify the outside conditions instead of creating a cost, pleasant space to be in.

Yet, what can you do to change the roof? Surely that will call for a huge construction project that renders the conservatory out of bounds for months on end?

The answer is no. Choosing to change your old glass or polycarbonate roof for a Guardian Warm Roof is a quick and easy process and the benefits you could see as a result hugely outweighs the cost of replacing the roof.

In fact, choosing a Guardian Warm Roof could save you around £200 on your monthly energy bills and over 25 years, that could be £5,000, even before we start factoring in the rising cost of gas and electricity.

So, therefore, the work will pay for itself before we even begin talking about the other benefits that changing your conservatory roof will provide you with.


The Further Benefits of Investing in a Guardian Warm Roof.

Choosing to replace your old glass or polycarbonate roof with a Guardian Warm Roof could also help boost the overall value of your property. This is because the replacement roof will essentially turn your conservatory into an extension that can be used all year round.

As mentioned above, a Guardian Warm Roof will also have an incredibly rapid installation. In fact, when installed by one of our Team Guardian Registered installers here at BJC Joinery Ltd, your conservatory roof transformation could only take a few days, with minimal disruption to your home.

Your Guardian roof will also be engineered to precisely fit your individual requirements and will be pre-assembled under controlled factory conditions to ensure the highest quality and standards of craftsmanship before it is fitted to your home.

Finally, a warm roof will also be quiet and comfortable all year round, by eliminating any rain and weather noise and reducing sun glare which is can, in turn, lead to sun bleaching to your soft furnishings.

Choose a Guardian Warm Roof Today from BJC Joinery Ltd

Here at BJC Joinery Ltd, we are proud to offer a knowledgeable, expert team of professionals who will be able to provide the outstanding Guardian Warm Roof all across the North East of Scotland.

In fact, we have many years of experience in design, manufacturing and installation and with high-quality products and years of building experience, you’ll be able to rest easy in the peace of mind that your conservatory is in the hands of professionals.

Make sure to contact BJC Joinery Ltd today on 01224 713 719 for more information on the Guardian Warm Roof system and how we can transform your conservatory and make it much more efficient.