It’s not difficult to feel a slight twinge of envy when you notice your next-door neighbour relaxing in their insulated conservatory, especially when most of the year, your conservatory is either too cold or too hot, making it virtually unusable.

Whether you are longing for additional space, an office, or even just somewhere to appreciate the nature in your garden, why not take the plunge and turn your dreams into a reality?

Like many, you’re likely searching for the justification of such an investment. That is why, here at BJC Joinery, we have put together all of our reasons as to why it’s definitely worth installing a new replacement roof onto your conservatory.

What is a Guardian Warm Roof?

A Guardian Warm Roof is a conservatory roof replacement that can bring a wide range of benefits to your home. Useful both in the summer and the winter months, it’ll help to save money on your energy bills and make your conservatory a more usable space overall.

Say Goodbye to the issues of a Polycarbonate Roof

Traditionally, conservatories would be built with a polycarbonate roof. This is because they were cheap and easy to mass-produce. However, if you are an owner of a polycarbonate conservatory, you’ll likely agree, the list of problems these roofs have is virtually endless.

They offer little to no thermal efficiency and noise insulation, causing the conservatory space to be hot in the summer, cold in the winter and incredibly noisy in harsh weather.

What’s more, polycarbonate roofs are also prone to leaks and damage caused by mould formation, both of which can ruin your conservatory.

Choosing to invest in a conservatory roof replacement, such as the Guardian Warm Roof, would remove these issues.

Add Extra Value to Your Home

Investing in a new conservatory roof is a decision that can take many a lot of consideration, especially due to the cost involved.

However, a conservatory roof replacement will allow you to modernise your conservatory space and uplift and enhance your property.

Your investment will be turning what is currently a useless space into effectively an extension. This increased amount of living space will boost the sale price of your home and will spark the interest of potential buyers. After all, they’ll also be able to enjoy the space every day.

More often than not, the money you put into the work will be worth it, when you have a conservatory that is fit for purpose and useful all year round. Also, if you were to decide to sell up, you’ll likely recuperate the money spent.

Reduce the Amount You Spend on Bills

Replacement roofs for conservatories will also provide you with a range of practical benefits. They’re much more thermally efficient, so will keep the temperature at a comfortable level all year round.

Many people who own a polycarbonate conservatory never bother to heat the space, as it is just too expensive. A solid roof will reduce this burden and drop your energy costs hugely.

Replacement Roofs for Conservatories 2021

Transform Your Home with Little to No Disruption

We can all agree, even the smallest of home improvement projects can take a week to complete, with sections of your home unusable.

However, installing a conservatory roof replacement will only take around three days to complete, all with minimal disruption to your day-to-day routines.

Reduce the Noise and Sun Glare

A conservatory roof replacement will also turn your space into one that is quiet and comfortable, no matter what the weather. Any noises of wind and rain will be blocked out, allowing you to curl up with a book, or relax and watch the TV in peace and quiet.

It will also reduce the amount of sun glare in the summer, in turn preventing sun bleaching to soft furnishings.

Overall Peace of Mind

Of course, we understand that any replacement roofs for conservatories will be an investment. Yet, when you choose a Guardian Warm roof, you will be offered a full insurance-backed 10-year guarantee at installation.

Get in Touch Today to Discuss Your Conservatory Roof Replacement Options Further

As a company, we believe that a conservatory roof replacement can transform any unusable, flawed conservatory into a comfortable and cosy space that can be enjoyed all year round.

So, if you are looking into investing in the future of your home, make sure to get in touch with BJC Joinery today, either on 01224 713 719 or via info@bjcjoinery.co.uk.