In this article, we are going to look at how to make your conservatory a more comfortable place to be in during the hot summer months. We hope by the end of the blog that you have some ideas of how you can perhaps start using your conservatory more often.

Let’s start with the elephant in the room, conservatories are too blinking hot to stay in for any length of time during the summer months and this is mostly because of the heat that is trapped in by the roof of the conservatory. The best and most effective thing you can do is replace your conservatory roof with a more suitable material that keeps the oppressive heat out in the Summer and also keeps the heat in during the Winter. With a Guardian roof, you get a massive choice of different styles, you get a 10-year guarantee and as it’s made of a lightweight design your new conservatory roof is assembled in no time at all. Not only is the temperature now under control in your conservatory, making it much more bearable in the Summer months, but also it’s now soundproof so if you do catch that odd summer rain shower it doesn’t sound like your conservatory is temporarily sitting underneath Niagara Falls. It gives you a much more serene place to read your favourite book whilst checking out your garden’s wildlife.

Method 1: Blinds

Another way of enjoying your conservatory in the Summer is to invest in some window or roof blinds, they can really help with keeping out the rays from the Sun and also some of the heat, the only downside is if you keep them closed then you can’t see outside which is really the point of having a conservatory, however, this all comes down to the type of blinds you invest in.

Method 2: Fans

If you are going to get a fan for your conservatory, then make it a ceiling-mounted fan as these can efficiently circulate the air better than floor standing fans. They also would not take up any valuable floor space in your conservatory. If you are also getting a new conservatory roof fitted, then make sure to ask about incorporating a ceiling fan at the same time.

Method 3: Plants

Plants are a great way to cool your conservatory even if you have a new conservatory roof or not as they absorb plenty of moisture in the air and of course replace with oxygen. Try having your plants in the corner of your conservatory for maximum effect. Also, why not add a small fridge to keep your drinks cool while you are at it!

New Conservatory Roof

The Most Effective Method? Choosing a Guardian Warm Roof

A new conservatory roof is the best option to keep your conservatory cool during the summer months, but if that’s out of the budget at the moment how about keeping the doors open throughout the day, whilst you are indoors, even if you are not using it until later on. The thorough flow of air should keep the hot air moving rather than just sitting in a closed space heating up.

So, to summarise, a new conservatory roof would be the ideal solution to keeping your conservatory cool this Summer however if that is out of reach for you at the moment, hopefully, all the tips and advice above will help keep you nice and cool.

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