For many years, the conservatory has been a popular addition to the English home, especially during the 80s, when there was a spike in popularity. Though, in recent years, many people have become accustomed to the various downfalls of a polycarbonate conservatory roof. If you own one, you’ll be more than familiar with it being way too hot to use during the summer and equally as cold during the winter.

Though you may or may not know, there is now an incredibly simple solution to an age-old problem. The insulated and lightweight Guardian Warm Roof is a market-leading conservatory roof solution.

By repairing your existing polycarbonate conservatory roof with a thermally efficient Guardian Roof, your conservatory space will suddenly become well adjusted throughout the whole year.

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Old Glass and Polycarbonate Roofs – Why Shouldn’t You Choose Them?

When you have either a glass or polycarbonate conservatory installed, it’ll likely have a very temporary feel to it, especially as you can only meaningfully spend a few months of the year in it comfortably.

Especially as such a structure is a rather large investment, it can almost feel like a waste of money as you won’t get any use out of it.

What’s more, as a conservatory owner, you’ll likely find yourself at the receiving end of a variety of issues that glass and polycarbonate roofs bring. One main issue is that leaks can come in through the ceiling, especially after a spell of bad weather. This is caused by either faulty ventilation or perished deals. All of which can lead to incredibly costly repair bills.

Another problem which is increasingly common with older conservatories is condensation. The room is largely made from glass, so condensation can very quickly build up. What’s more, if a condensation problem isn’t dealt with quickly, it can lead to much bigger and more expensive problems such as damp and mould growth.

With these issues in mind, the Guardian Warm Roof has been specially developed to provide outstanding insulation and effective ventilation. This is one reason why the Guardian Warm Roof prices are worth it. Simply installed on top of your existing structure, without additional planning permission, the structure will be completely waterproof and energy-efficient to a maximum U-value of 0.19 w/m2K.

No longer will you have to deal with long cold winters where you can no longer use your conservatories, nor will hot summers be a problem. The Guardian Warm Roof will save you hard-earned money on your heating bills too.

What Do I Need to Factor into the Cost of a Guardian Warm Roof?

Our Guardian Warm Roof prices aren’t exactly straightforward to estimate, as there are many considerations that go into the final cost. For example, that includes;

  • Size; One of the biggest factors that affect Guardian Warm Roof prices is how big your conservatory is going to be. The size of a conservatory can range hugely and for this reason, until you provide exact measurements, it can be difficult to deliver an exact price.
  • Shape; Guardian Warm Roof prices also depend on the shape of the roof you choose. Though, typically if you were to choose a roof with more headroom, or a more ‘dramatic’ design then you are likely to pay more.
  • Materials needed; Another factor that affects Guardian Warm Roof prices is the material of which you wish to replace your existing conservatory roof. Of course, there are roofing alternatives that are cheaper than the Guardian Warm Roof, however, we can assure you that they won’t be better. Guardian Warm Roof prices may be higher, but you will simply be paying for the best replacement conservatory roof in Glasgow and beyond.

Don’t let the thought of Guardian Warm Roof prices take you off the idea of a replacement conservatory roof. Simply fill in our quick quote form to get an accurate estimation of the cost of the job in hand, then you will let me know exactly what you are paying to upgrade both your home and your life. Otherwise, get in touch with a member of our staff, who can answer your further queries on 01224 713 719.