A conservatory is a fantastic way to add an additional room to your home or property and it can also add a huge added resale value should you choose to resell. Adding a conservatory to your home will give you the extra space you need. However, many people are left annoyed by the poor insulation properties of their conservatory and also the heat retention problems that traditional glass and polycarbonate roofs have; this leaves people being unable to use their brand new conservatory during the summer months and will leave them a big bill in the winter months. 

Here at BJC Joinery, we have the solution for you which is the Guardian Warm Roof. We have created this post to explain everything you need to know about the Guardian Warm Roof so that you can start enjoying your conservatory throughout the entirety of the year. If you have any questions please get in touch with a member of the team today!



What Is A Guardian Warm Roof? 


A Guardian Warm Roof is a lightweight solid alternative to the traditional glass and polycarbonate roofs that conservatories are usually built with. The Guardian roofs are built with quality and longevity in mind. The roof has been developed so that customers can use their conservatory throughout the year with no problem at all. This is due to the fully insulated Guardian Roof which is able to achieve an exceptional U Value of only 0.18 W/m.k, this vastly exceeds the value that is produced by the traditional conservatory roofs. 


What Are The Benefits Of A Guardian Warm Roof?


So, you may be asking yourself, “ What are the benefits of installing a new Guardian Warm Roof?” The Guardian Warm Roof provides a range of benefits all of which are aimed at ensuring you can use the conservatory throughout the whole year. Here are some of the other benefits. 

  • Installation Time – Because a Guardian Warm Roof is made off-site to the exact requirements of your roof we are able to drastically reduce installation time. This means the team here at BJC Joinery could install your new conservatory roof in a matter of 3 days. If we start on a Monday we are guaranteed to finish by Friday. 


  • Energy Efficiency – Through independent reviews and tests, it has been proven that the solid roof is able to produce U Values which are as low as 0.18W/m.k. This will drastically reduce your carbon footprint.


  • Temperature Control – Because of the solid tiles that make up the roof, sun glare within the conservatory is reduced by a huge amount and will prevent the conservatory from getting too warm or too cold. It also ensures that there is no bleaching to furniture or items in the conservatory.


Should I Change My Glass Or Polycarbonate Roof?


As we have mentioned above there are a lot of problems with insulation and heat retention with glass and polycarbonate roofs which can create a variety of problems. The glass will look lovely at first but over time as rains, snows and other debris gather there, there is the potential for the roof to become far less attractive and will result in the roof needing to be professionally cleaned at least once a year. With a Guardian Warm Roof, any debris will simply slide into the guttering for the conservatory. 


BJC Joinery 




We hope you have learned all you need to know about the Guardian Warm Roof through this post and the team here look forward to helping you transform your conservatory and ensure that you and your family are able to use your conservatory all year round. For more information please get in touch with our friendly team of experts today on 01224 713 719.