The day has finally come, sat down, coffee in hand and you’re researching everything you need to know about replacing the old and discoloured conservatory roof. unfortunately understanding all the different building regulations and warrants involved isn’t as easy as you would have expected. After navigating through multiple websites there is no clear answer on what pre-planning must be completed.


Well, there is no need to look any further, in this blog post we will be taking you through all the regulations you need to know before you go any further with your planning. 


LABSS For Homeowners 


The Local Authority Building Standards Scotland is a not-for-profit membership organisation representing all local authority building standards verifiers in Scotland. The LABBS are dedicated to ensuring all construction is safe, accessible, dry and warm. 


Well, what does this mean for your conservatory roof replacement? You will definitely want to work with a conservatory roof replacement company who adhere to the LABBS regulations set in place. Our team here at BJC Joinery take pride in offering a range of home improvement services that are all compliant with LABSS. All the building regulations are in place to protect the public interest, we believe that it’s essential that all regulation is followed to achieve a predictable outcome for all parties involved.  


Building Warrants 


A building warrant is legal permission to carry out building work. This must be obtained through the council’s building standards or building control department prior to work being started on your home. A building warrant is in place to ensure that all work completed is in line with the latest regulations and standards. 


Not all work requires a building warrant and factors that can affect this is the size of your conservatory. When receiving a quotation its important that you speak to your chosen home improvement company about the application of a building warrant. They may be able to assist you with the application process. Additionally, by working with a local authority building standard verified contactor you will be offered assistance with the entire application process improving the chances of being accepted. 


Planning Permission 


With planning permission being the first thing on your mind its important that you understand how this affects your conservatory roof replacement plans. This is a form of permission which primarily looks at how the planned work will change the appearance of your home and how it will affect the surrounding properties.  Most extensions and new conservatories will require planning permission before, additionally, you will need to have a building warrant approved before any work is started.


In most cases replacing your conservatory roof will not require planning permission after the changes made with a regulation back in 2010. Whilst this may not be required for roof replacement it will be required for many other home improvement services. Please speak to your installer about any other building regulations before going ahead with work. 


There you go, we have now taken a look at the thee main types of regulations and permissions that may be required with your chosen work. Hopefully, this has helped provide you with a better understanding and put you in a position where you’re ready to take the next step towards achieving the extra living space that you have always dreamt about.